Our steel plant in Amurrio produces the steel needed to manufacture our seamless steel tubes. The installed capacity is 500,000 t/year.

We manufacture over 700 different types of steel, many of which are developed jointly with our customers in order to meet the continuing challenges and technological demands of the sector.

Electric arc melting furnace, ladle refining, vacuum degassing and continuous casting are the main units involved in the manufacturing of carbon and alloy steels up to 12% Cr content vacuum degassed. Round billets, ø / 200 mm, 160 mm and 238 mm, and square ones, 140 mm and 180 mm.

  • TRI’s steelworks Acería
  • Electric arc, melting furnace, ladle refining, and continuous casting Horno de fusión
  • Carbon and alloy steel up to 12% Acero al carbono y aleados

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