Professional opportunities within TRI

TRI is committed to the professional development of people within the company and we therefore encourage internal promotion when filling positions of increasing responsibility. We promote equal opportunities and are committed to non-discriminatory practices in the workplace.

However, there are occasions when we are obliged to look to the marketplace to recruit professionals who wish to begin their careers in our company, or those who are already established and would like to join TRI as the culmination of their curriculum development.

Whichever the case, and as a general guidance for those wishing to join our company, below we outline the most sought-after profiles and the recruitment process we employ to fill these positions.

We usually look for workers for the production department. These appointments are to cover temporary needs for production staff (sick leave, paid leave, accumulation of work due to late incoming orders, etc.).

This profile requires:

  • Professional Training (FP) Level I / Level II or Medium/Higher Level Training Programmes (CFGM/CFGS) in the areas of Mechanical Manufacturing, Electricity and Electronics and Installation and Maintenance.
  • Professional experience in companies within the iron and steel industry.

Selection process: undertaken by prestigious recruitment agencies. The notice is published in the most widely-circulated newspaper in Biscay. People interested in this area must submit an application for the job published. TRI only contracts Production Specialists through such notices.

We usually need to recruit professionals for the Maintenance department, to replace officers whose contracts in the company have expired.

This profile requires:

  • Professional training (FP) – level II, or Higher Level Training Programme (CFGS) in the areas of Electricity and Electronics and Installation and Maintenance.
  • At least five years’ experience in continuous-cycle industrial environments, preferably in the metallurgical sector.

Selection process: interested persons can submit their CV via this website, indicating their interest in the Maintenance area.

We usually require different types of profiles for positions in the areas of Production, Engineering, Quality Control, Sales, etc. Normally, this is an opportunity for professionals who have recently completed their academic training and wish to gain work experience in a company in the metallurgical sector.

These profiles require:

  • A technical Engineering Degree or an Engineering Degree, with a specialty in mechanics or metallurgy.
  • Advanced level of English, minimum First Certificate, with a high conversational level.

Selection process: interested persons can submit their CV via this website, indicating their interest in the Engineering opportunities.

The recruitment process for filling vacancies in service departments not directly linked to production, such as Administration, Purchasing, HR, IT, etc., is generally outsourced. Prestigious recruitment agencies are responsible for finding suitable candidates who, as a minimum, meet the training and experience requirements, and, in all cases, have English language proficiency.

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