Occupational risk prevention

Conviction, commitment and continuous improvement

Tubos Reunidos Industrial, S.L.U. considers risk prevention to be a key element in its Total Quality Policy, which is why we pay particular attention to safety issues in our production facilities.

In 1989, before the publication of the Spanish Occupational Risk Prevention Act (LPRL), we established a system known at that time as an ‘Integrated Safety System’ which consisted of a virtually identical philosophy to that subsequently expressed in the law. Therefore, no changes needed to be made in our system when the LPRL came into effect.

After years of work in this area, we have made great progress in reducing accidents and have achieved rates that put us ahead of other companies within our industrial activity in terms of reduced accidents.

We achieved this with the cooperation and participation of everybody at TRI, unions, managers and directors. We all worked as a team to obtain, and to constantly renew, our OHSAS 18001 certification.

This improvement is a source of pride for us and it serves as an incentive to continue working along the same lines in order to obtain the lowest accident level possible.

The number of accidents is already very low, so our goal to minimise them presents a difficult challenge. However, it is a goal we are convinced we can achieve, thanks to the professionalism of all TRI staff. Therefore we will feel proud of the good work we have done, as reflected in the Company’s management statement regarding TRI’s Occupational Risk Prevention Policy.

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